The Revolutionary X-Latch
X-Latch is designed for lasting performance and 100% customer satisfaction with life time warranty
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The Revolutionary X-Latch
Designed for the best boating experience, made of sustainable materials with life-time warranty.
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Stainless Steel – Environmental Sustainability
Select the best deck latch – only stainless Steel offers 100% recyclability and superior corrosion resistance.
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Durability is guaranteed even in harsh boating conditions
Easy to use, no rattling noise or unexpected openings, X-Latch combines the best elements of stainless steel and rubber latch. Want to know more?
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At the heart of superior performance
X-Latch keeps hatches closed with no unexpected openings in any circumstances. We give the X-Latch a life time warranty.
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Our mission is to improve customers’ products and create the best end-customer experience
We share the passion for better with our customers to ensure the satisfaction of the end-customers.
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Want to add value and enchance your customer's boating experience?
Join our X-Latch retail network to find out how.
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X-Latch available in 3 cover material

The X-Latch - revolutionary latch combines beautiful Stainless Steel looks with rubber latch usability

The X-Latch solves the challenge all boaters are familiar with –steel latches that open up or make rattling noise and rubber latches that fall apart. We give the X-Latch a life time warranty – read more about X-Latch technical features and how to order.

Long lasting performance

Lasting performance

The revolutionary X-Latch combines the best features of rubber and stainless steel latches. While providing protection to the smooth closing rubber inner core from UV radiation and weather, the Stainless Steel exterior secures tha latch and does not require any adjusting or maintenance over time looking always great.

X-Latch with life time warranty

Solves a long lasting problem

All boaters are familiar with hatches that pop open unexpectedly and latches that make noise or become dysfunctional over time. The X-Latch secures well and it doesn't open while boating. It doesn't require re-adjusting over time and it has the possibility to be locked. Furthermore installing is easy in a matter of minutes. The non-rattling and non-required fastening nature of the X-Latch, highlight it's great usability, setting a new standard for latches.

Designed in Finland by Tietoset Oy

The X-Latch, designed in the Land of Thousand Lakes, is a prime example of contemporary Scandinavian design that not only looks good but improves functionality by smart re-engineering. Our mission is to differentiate with our expertise in engineering and manufacturing products and solutions that best match customers' needs and improve the satisfaction of their clients. Our work creates added value for our customers’ products and as a result enables us to grow together with them.

Latch made of SS

Sustainability with a life time warranty

The X-Latch is made to last. It is sold with a life time warranty and satisfaction quarantee. The outer core is made of acid proof Stainless Steel (AISI316) and there is natural rubber on the inside. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable.