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We are an internationally operating Finnish company that designs and manufactures components and materials that advance the business of our customers...



Our vision is to provide the customer the best value added components and product solutions in a sustainable manner. Our business is divided into three business areas...

Why should you choose us as a contract manufacturing partner?

We consider contract manufacturing as a service. As our Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing client you are not limited to any production capacity but are able to benefit from our global network of designers, manufacturers and raw material suppliers.



By using recyblable materials such as Stainless Steel and reducing plastics with packing we want to do our part for preventing the climate change and keep the Earth clean. With the existing production capacity we are able to offer large production series and therefor minimize both the production and delivery costs and as well as to minimize the carbon...

Passion for better

Strong competence in sourcing and extended contract manufacturing networks with our manufacturing office in Taiwan, enables us to provide better solutions for...

Quality Control

We have several methods of quality control (QC) in place that help us to detect damaged materials early. QC is a procedure with which we ensure that all manufactured products...

Customized products

The greatest benefits of contract manufacturing include the opportunity to create customized products for clients, as well as the ability to respond flexibly to market needs...

Feel free to contact Antti or Juha, we would love to help you and your company.

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