What is the X-Latch?

The X-Latch is a revolutionary latch that combines the best of stainless steel and rubber latch in one product. It is a great looking, easy-to-handle latch that keeps hatches and lids closed. It makes no noise, requires no re-adjustments over time and is lockable.

Why is it called the X-Latch?

It is named the ‘X-Latch’ as it is the improved cross-section of the two most prominent latch designs; rubber and Stainless Steel. Rubber latch is known for its good usability and steel latch for its great outlook. On the other hand rubber latches break over time and steel latches make noise and requires readjustment. The X-latch takes the best of both worlds without the disadvantages.

What is the X-Latch used for?

The X-Latch is used for closing and locking hatches, storage boxes, campers, trailers etc. 

Where the X-Latch can be used?

The X-Latch can be used in various applications that require locking of a two objects that align in closing such as a hatch and a cover. Industrial applications include marine hatches, campers, trailers, garden compartments etc.

What is the problem the X-Latch solves?

All boaters are familiar with hatches that pop open unexpectedly and latches that make noise or become dysfunctional over time. Likewise campers and truckers are aware of latches that are either too tight or too lose and thus difficult to use. The revolutionary X-latch solves all of these issues.

How does the X-Latch differ from the other latches?

The X-Latch is a choice for the client who wants the absolute best performance, long lifetime and maintenance free use from their latch. Unlike other latches and fasteners available, the patended design fuses the best aspects of conventional rubber & Stainless Steel latches, while remaining simple and easy to use. The X-Latch keeps itself closed, makes no noise and is easily lockable unlike other latches.

How long does the X-Latch take to install?

The X-Latch can be installed in a matter of minutes with the help of a mounting jig provided. Use suitable screws for the purpose and adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the latch before tightening the screws. Provided with a mounting guide, the latch is easy and fast to install.

Can I lock the X-Latch?

Yes, the X-Latch’s design enables you to securely lock the latch with padlock.

Where is the X-Latch manufactured?

The X-Latch is designed in Finland and contract-manufactured by a factory specialized in marine hardware. This is overseen and managed by our office in Taiwan.

How is the X-Latch tested?

The X-Latch is tested and quality proven in harsh marine conditions. The long term effect of UV-radiation and salt spray is tested under laboratory conditions. Ask for more information through Contact Us form.

How long does the X-Latch last?

The X-Latch is made to last. The outer core is made of acid-proof Stainless Steel (AISI316) and there is natural rubber on the inside. The X-Latch comes with a lifetime warranty.

Does the X-Latch have a warranty?

Yes. The X-Latch has a life-time warranty covering latch material (excluded screws) and workmanship. Warranty consists of providing a client free replacement units.

Where can I buy the X-Latch?

You can purchase the X-Latch directly through us at the online store here or from the local distributor.

Is there a minimum order quantity requirement for the X-Latch?

No. However, the best price is available upon request for OEMs and distributors.

Is the X-Latch available in different colors?

Yes. The X-Latch is available in stylish hand-polished Stainless Steel, elegant titanium black and blasted light grey finish.

How much does the X-Latch cost?

Single packed retail price is 39,90 EUR/USD. Order at x-latch.com or at your local distributor. Wholesale and OEM pricing available upon request. Ask for more information through Contact Us form.

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