The revolutionary X-Latch combines beautiful Stainless Steel looks with rubber latch usability

Typically, latches are made of metal to achieve needed durability against environmental conditions and protection against external forces. However, in use metal parts tend to wear and they may loosen over time. Thus, worn metal latches do not work properly and may even open by themselves. In some applications rubber locking segments are used. However, rubber tends to perish over time, especially when exposed to environmental conditions such as UV radiation and weather.

The objective of the X-Latch was to develop a deck latch durable in all conditions. X-Latch solves both of the above mentioned problems by combining the best elements of Stainless Steel and rubber latch in just one product making it the most user-friendly latch in the market. In the X-latch the outer core is made of Stainless Steel AISI316 that creates an elegant and beautiful finishing.

Apart from well-thought design, it also protects the rubber core from direct sunlight preventing exposure to UV. The inside of this marine latch has all the benefits of a rubber latch – it tightens well, and it doesn’t open even in rough boating. Due to the slightly bigger design, it is easy to use the latch even with thick fishing gloves.

Materials and Finishing Styles of the X-Latch

The X-Latch is made of Stainless Steel AISI316 and natural rubber. Standard finishing style is hand-polished surface and custom ones include Matt Blasted and Titanium Black Coated. You will find the pricing as in our on-line Shop.


X-Latch hand polished,
Stainless Steel

X-Latch matte,
Stainless Steel

X-Latch black,
Stainless Steel

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